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Welcome to World Tree Technologies, Inc.

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Now is the time when each of us needs to increase our environmental awareness. Find a way to get involved in actively preserving and protecting our world for our own benefit as well as our children’s, and their future generations. One simple and effective way is to do your part by planting a tree.

World Tree Technologies is home of the Empress Splendor™ Tree, the legendary and sacred tree of the Orient. With exciting characteristics like growing as much as 20 feet per year and having the ability to re-grow itself up to 7 times after being cut down, the Empress is an obvious choice for global reforestation, bioremediation, aesthetic improvements and much more. This tree is 100% non-invasive and completely non-poisonous! The lumber is a high value hardwood, very strong, yet it is extremely light weight, and has a silky quality that makes it easy to work with. The Empress Splendor™ is also fire and insect resistant, and can produce a tremendous amount of oxygen while sequestering 6 times more carbon dioxide than other trees.

We have designed this site to educate you about the exciting benefits of the Empress and to invite and encourage each of you to plant at least one Empress in your yard or give one to a friend or neighbor.

About World Tree Technologies, Inc.

World Tree Technologies, Inc. is an environmental company focused on the global commercialization of the Empress Splendor™ Tree.

The Empress is one of the fastest growing hardwood trees in the world. It is genetically designed and commercially grown by World Tree Technologies to eliminate the need to destroy old growth timber and natural forests for societal timber purposes. This tree is sometimes historically and scientifically referred to as the Paulownia, but do not mistake this Empress Splendor™ for any non-advanced or invasive wild varieties, the Empress Tree is an environmentally correct and economically positive regenerating renewable resource perfectly suited to help solve the worlds deforestation problems and old-growth timber shortages. World Tree Technologies, as the name implies, is ultimately dedicated to the technology, commercialization, and conservation benefits of reforesting the world with a very special tree - The Empress Splendor™.

About the Empress Splendor™ Tree

The Empress Splendor™ Tree is a ultra high growth rate regenerating tree that produces large amounts of valuable timber in short 7-10 year cycles. By the virtues of its high growth rate, large leaf area and symbiotic root structure, Empress Splendor™ Trees from World Tree Technologies fulfills the worldwide need for an environmentally and economically correct renewable natural resource.

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