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Welcome to World Tree Technologies, Inc.

The World Tree Carbon Offset Program

make going green a sound investment

Whether you are a company seeking to lower your carbon footprint or an individual investor looking to diversify your portfolio, the World Tree Carbon Offset Program is a unique opportunity to preserve and protect our environment while getting a great return on investment.

The key to our Carbon Offset Program is the Empress Splendor™ tree. This unique tree is so effective at absorbing carbon dioxide that planting 22 trees is enough to offset the average person’s carbon emissions for 50 years. It is also the fastest growing hardwood tree in the world, reaching maturity in just 10 years.

When you buy carbon offsets from World Tree we use your investment to plant these amazing trees. Ten years later, when the trees reach full maturity, they are sold for lumber and you share in the profits.

For more information on how to participate:

Call toll-free 1-888-693-TREE (8733)
or email

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